Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tia Roten (Friday To Sunday) - Jogja Fashion Festival

Tia Roten, inspired by Indian culture and the blue of the ocean, presenting 'Arnaav' in Jogja Fashion Festival.
Arnaav is a Hindi word from 'sea', that's why Tia using a wide spectrum of blue hues in her collection.
From Tia's perspective, India is unique country, where tradition and modernity are walking side by side. Youngsters are still wearing saree and traditional silhouette dress while hang out on mall or any modern places.
Indian culture are also juxtaposing in paisley patterns. Tia choose the light weight fabrics to balance the crowd of this pattern and create a simply nice draping harems pant for an example. For another dress, Tia layering paisley with sheer blue chiffon in asymmetrical hems, creating a smart looks. The whole collection are attractive and playful with demure femininity.
Tia Roten's collection is one of my favorite collection from Jogja Fashion Festival.

"Arnaav" by Tia Roten - Friday To Sunday
Jogja Fashion Festival

photos by @aldiresa

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