Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Calvin Klein Dark Obsession - Men's Fragrance

Calvin Klein Obsession series has a long journey in perfumery world. 1985 is the year to start its milestone, continuing with 1986 for the men's series. After Obsession Sheer in 2002, Obsession Night in 2005, Secret Obsession in 2008 now, in 2013 Calvin Klein released the dark Obsession, the latest version for men.
As its name, Dark Obsession, perfectly describe a powerful, dark, mysterious, masculine and sensual person.
Starts with Brazilian green mandarin, guarana and absinthe to create the bitter top notes, and following by the warm-woody scent of clary sage, white vetiver and fir resin for middle notes. The scent is closed by the vanilla, suede and labdanum as its base notes.

The ads campaign featuring Matthew Terry, perfectly summed-up the message of masculin-sensual-mysterious-powerful person.

Calvin Klein Dark Obsession - Men's Fragrance


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