Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2013 Womenswear

Poetic Soldier
One of the most anticipating collection, is Haider Ackermann. Fashion people always notice Ackermann style with draping, knotting in jewel tone, using silk and satin material. But this fall/winter 2013/2014, Ackermaan change the direction. Military style is the main core of collection. Heavy material, from tweed, twill, leather and wool combine with herringbone texture, trimmed fur and mohair coat and others textured materials. Somber color, from grey, dark brown and black are strictly dominated.
Haider Ackemann inspired by image of Marilyn Monroe when she left hospital after losing her baby. Fragile, solitude, tough and strong. The ambience of fashion show, for me, just like the situation after a world war, when everybody feeling gloomy, fragile, alone but at the same time, they felt tough, strong and powerful to face the new world.

Haider Ackermann Fall/Winter 2013 Womenswear 
Paris Fashion Week

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