Friday, May 30, 2014

Vogue Paris June/July 2014 Editorial

Vogue Paris June/July 2014 Editorial

Photographer: Inez & Vinoodh
Model: Natasha Poly, Anna Ewers
Stylist: Emmanuelle Alt

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 Menswear

Marc by Marc Jacobs Resort 2015 Menswear

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Apollo Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Editorial

Art Escape
Apollo Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Editorial 

Photographer: Antonin Guidicci
Model: Jules Raynal
Stylist: Marco Manni
Art: Amadeo Orellana

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2015 Womenswear

The British Moods
Thanks to Christopher Bailey. Without him, we may see British weather as gloomy and dark, but in his hands it becomes gorgeous melancholy.
This resort 2015 collection, maybe my most favorite Burberry collection. In this series, Bailey inspired by (once again) London weather, alongside with vintage book cover that he found and British legacy.
Military accents are quite strong in this collection. Some trench coat, the signature Burberry's design come in olive and khakis with military pocket accents. Typography as the hottest next trend appears in artsy way.
Bailey also add some resort lightness with delicate British laces. Faded hues, like an ombre shades with light weight fabrics really injects coolness. But after all, the long and lean silhouette still be the most interesting in Burberry collection.

Burberry Prorsum Resort 2015 Womenswear

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2015 Womenswear

Simply Twisted
In Maison Martin Margiela world, simple is never be too simple. Their simple looks always have some twist; the artsy creations, the innovative look, or even experimental. But Margiela never leave their extra fine tailoring pieces. All jackets, coat ans tuxedo pants are just perfect.
Every single number has clean silhouette and nothing but simple cool hues. Pay attention on the details and you will find quilted raffia in bomber jacket, mohair sweater with detachable sleeves, or long leather vest which styled as skirt around waist.

 Maison Martin Margiela Resort 2015 Womenswear

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

#GirlsCorner Talkshow by UNISI FM Yogyakarta with I AM FASHION !!!

Celebrating its anniversary, UNISI FM Yogyakarta will held a talk show, specially for girls listeners. This talk show, called Girls Corner invite me as a fashion blogger to share experience in fashion blogging and its benefit for you, personal style, what's really happen inside fashion and try to find what's the next hottest trend.

This talk show also invite Isye Dewi, TV host and announcer for public speaking class. And participant could join the beauty class supported by Body Shop Indonesia.

Girls Corner will held on: 
start 14.00 - finish 
at Warkop Bardiman Seturan 

Girls, come and join us in #GirlsCorner by mention @unisifmyk twitter for submission. It's totally free!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Vogue Japan June 2014 Editorial

The Shining 
Vogue Japan June 2014 Editorial 

Photographer: Andreas Sjodin
Model: Zuzanna Bijoch
Stylist: Sabino Pantone

Bottega Veneta Resort 2015 Womenswear

Tomas Maier: Fabric Guru 
Craftsmanship is the main essence of Bottega Veneta. The DNA of this luxurious Italian brand. And so (I believe) the DNA of its creative director, Tomas Meier. He is known as the outstanding designer, specially how he manipulate and manage the fabrics. I call him The Fabric Guru since the beginning.
In this Resort 2015 collection, Meier presenting (once again) some fine fabric manipulation with easy understated aesthetic to create the label luxurious signature. He start with bleaching everything to create a fade effect in his extra soft palette hues. Powdery lilac, soft pale peach and powdery icy blue are some of them. Perfect to gain coolness level in the season transition.
Look at the beautiful bomber jacket, it isn't came from two different fabrics, one of this part was faded away, and create almost like tie dyed effect. The cocktail numbers come with the same process and create an illusion on the waist.The cashmere sweaters are also get the same treatment. 
Then he use a unique technique, called 'corrosion' to beautifully disappearing color from fabrics and create gorgeous one in its kind mark. You can see in the evening numbers. Some of them look like abstract painting, others like huge floral printing, but it's all hand made. And when Bottega Veneta's crew do this process, no one will look the same. Every single dress will the one and only.
Nothing are come in heavy silhouette, molded structure, nor intricate ornament. Everything are just light. Maier want to show you how beautiful the fabrics are.

Bottega Veneta Resort 2015 Womenswear 

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