Thursday, March 14, 2013

Delmora - Jogja Fashion Festival

Anie Wardhana and Dedi Hertanto are brother and sister, designer of Delmora, Yogyakarta ased designer and specialist in kebaya or evening wear. For Jogja Fashion Festival, Delmora inspired by the contradiction of positive and negative, hard and soft, in "Black & White".
Using black and white abstract batik in 'kelengan' motif, the fabrics are created by them self. All of the cocktail and evening wear using draping technique with combination of cotton, chiffon-silk and satin.
We love the grande collection, but we're crazy in love with head pieces. Everything made from wire and metal with a giant corsage to balance the look.

"Back & White" by Delmora
Jogja Fashion Festival

photos by @mitabaikhati

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