Monday, September 30, 2013

Véronique Leroy Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear

The World of Duality!
In Véronique Leroy, the fashion world always offer duality. You can choose the short or long dress, flat or high heels, soft and hard texture, black or white, simple or layering. That option is a message on his spring 2014 collection.
Leroy inspired by Noir et Blanc and Mortelle Randonnée, and made this cinematic reference for the silhouette, shape and style of the collection. Look closer, and you will find that 'zebras' numbers are not that animal prints, it's clear vinyl and embroidery detail on it. The layering are quite simple, but sometimes it's too heavy, although Leroy use neutral shades in perfect way.

Véronique Leroy Spring/Summer 2014
Paris Fashion Week 

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Elle Sweden October 2013 Editorial

Mandag Hela Veckan
Elle Sweden October 2013 Editorial 

Photographer: Andreas Sjodin
Model: Clara Nergardh
Stylist: Robert Rydberg
Makeup & Hair: Ignacio Alonso & Linda SHalabi

Tex Saverio Spring/Summer 2014 Womanswear

Indonesia's Favorite for The World!
Tex Saverio is a hot topic in Indonesia fashion field. He is, like major media wrote, a genius kid in Indonesian fashion. Everybody know him, because Lady Gaga wore his magnificent dress in US Harper's Bazaar cover. But fashion people will always know him for realizing imagination and fantasy to reality. And that's also tittle of his debut show in Paris pret-a-porter, "Fantasy Made Reality".
Tex presenting a little bit goth and dark romance with intricate yet delicate details. Using shiny metallic foils and laser-cutting details, Tex beautifully combine the hard and soft look. We love ruffle tennis skirt with green foils and the black sheerness of some dress. The other number is a tailoring number with super low plunging neck.
The final number, is long mermaid gown with a super intricate headpiece, just like hundreds sword on the model face and heads. Remind us to Gaga gown on Bazaar but more modern and fresh.
Well, congrats Tex, Indonesian should proud on you.

Tex Saverio Spring/Summer 2014 
Paris Fashion Week 

Manish Arora Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear

Pretty Visual Noise!
Manish Arora aesthetic is always about eccentric, eclectic, rich in culture and details. For spring 2014, Arora presenting a candy colors parade with art deco ornaments. Its pretty noise with all beading and hand embellishment, everything are well executed and produce in India. The art deco ornament is quite storng with flappers fringe details. 
Fortunately, that visual noise combine with some light and easy sportswear elements. Simple light sweaters with lipstick prints, deconstructive parka over the simple dress, backpack with beads detail, and clash of prints are dominated.
And guess what? Yes we love the shoes! It's dangerously beautiful!

Manish Arora Spring/Summer 2014
Paris Fashion Week

Friday, September 27, 2013

V Magazine September 2013 Editorial

So Punk 
V Magazine September 2013 Editorial 

Photographer: Manolo Campion
Model: Martha Streck
Stylist: Yana Kamps
Makeup & Hair: Cedric Jolivet & Kuni

Balmain Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear

The Light Balmain!
Olivier Rousteing decided to follow the spring nuance and created a light collection of Balmain. I'm glad to see how light Balmain collection now, without too much bling bling element, we can admire the fabrics detail. We love how Olivier patchwork, quilted or treatment the denim into luxury looks. We always love the balmain superb embroidery. The leather numbers are just perfectly gloss in savvy way. And now, we can admire, pied de poule on Balmain collection.
Another good alteration is everything go long, even some hemlines are under the knees! That ruffled skirts in leather are absolutely stunning. The overall numbers really create a casual but savvy at the same time. The hues going softer with powdery pink and blue.
But Balmain never really leave the bling, you can see the chain decorate the outfit, the big wrestling belt accentuated the sotf number, and the cage shoes are just perfect styling on it.
Bravo Olivier Rousteing, for the 'new' Balmain!

Balmain Spring/Summer 2014 
Paris Fashion Week 

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