Thursday, March 14, 2013

Nadi Karmadi - Jogja Fashion Festival

Nadi Karmadi, young Yogyakarta based designer, knows that fashion love contradiction. With her collection in Jogja Fashion Festival, "Play It Soft, Play It Hard", Nadi try to pack what fashion people want right now.
using synthetic leather to represent masculinity and floral floral pattern to expose femininity, Nadi combine with craftmanship and details.
Everybody will love his tailoring jacket with a twist. It's just like a surprise when you see models turn-back on the runway, and see the beautiful origami detail and fabric layering details on his jacket and dress. The pleats technique combine with light hues material create an equilibrium.
He also pay attention on details. The zipper things and structured pants definitely coll for youngsters.

"Play It Soft, Play It Hard" by Nadi Karmadi 
Jogja Fashion Festival

photo by @mitabaikhati


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