Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rebecca Taylor Pre-Fall 2012 Womenswear

Fresh Modern Femininity.
Three words above really explain about Rebecca Taylor's design. Fresh and modern come from the color palettes. Cool blue perfectly blend with shades of gray, white and frosty peach. Feminine style is smartly represented in floral botanical prints that she always use.
I can imagine, every woman will love the pleated chiffon on dress nor midi skirt. Modern woman will love that white bomber jacket, while the younger one absolutely interest with black hooded anorak. The collection is about graphic floral prints, but it's not cheesy. With pleats technique, it's turn into some fresh and cool femininity. For pre-fall ambiance, the open-weave knit numbers are perfect choice.

Rebecca Taylor Pre-Fall 2012 Womenswear 

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