Saturday, September 14, 2013

Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear

Lunatic Assylum!
Woah! For me, now, Thom Browne is beyond anything in New York Fashion Week. And his latest collection for spring/summer 2014 are extraordinary high fashion.
Thom Browne lead us to the quirky world when Elizabeth I and Joker live in the most dramatic, dark, whimsy and little humor asylum. This is a fashion show meets theatrical, poetic ambiance and high creativity meet high end modern innovation. Look at the fabrics, everything are beautifully mixed from latex, rubber, leather, lavish fabrics. The silhouette are just crazy. This is, maybe, the most architectural, sculptural, molded, shape in ready-to-wear show. It's asylum couture!
His aesthetics are perfect combination of the deceased Alexander McQueen meets the ultra high-innovated Husein Chalayan. How Thom Browne pay attention to details, are just magnificent. You'll need more time to rave his design, you'll be geared to analyze how he make that clothes.
Maybe, lot of his collection are impossible to be worn, but he created more than clothes, it's a superb show. But if Michele Obama herself choose to wear it, Thom certainly has more value.

Thom Browne Spring/Summer 2014 Womenswear 
New York Fashion Week

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