Monday, September 9, 2013

Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2014

Retro Shades, Modern Execution!
With wide range of client, from quirky Lady Gaga to aristocratic lady Michelle Obama, the rising star in fashion- Prabal Gurung try to satisfy everyone. But like proverb said "Try to please everyone is the key to failure". Prabal, fortunately didn't fall to cliff of failure. He, almost success to presenting the new concept of Prabal's femininity.
The collection is a mixture of retro style; with midi hems, wide coat, wiggle dress, pencil skirts, cat eye glasses; but the execution are far away high tech modernity. The color choice are bright and acid, and combine a good palette with some pastel powdery hues.
We love the almost abstract floral prints and the tight pencil skirts. But some numbers are not wearable enough, because he use PVC; good looking but not friendly wearing fabrics. Maybe you will see clearly a touch of new Dior in this collection, but like everyone in fashion, they love Raf, aren't they?

Prabal Gurung Spring/Summer 2014
New York Fashion Week

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