Friday, February 7, 2014

Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2014 Womenswear

Futuristic Laid Back
Dion Lee is my new favorite since year ago. His collection speaks modernity, urban with futuristic high-tech touch. Look at his fabric choices and look at the twist in its silhouette.
Lee open their runway with some interesting new form skirt, deconstructive but still wearable, portray what's 'it' in street style community. Then you will amaze with harness-like structure, crisscrossed number with high-tech fabrics. But it's not over, Lee continuing with the croco number in modern cutting, it's like inter-galactica classic style. And at the final series, the perfect blend of light weight material witn metal panel in art-deco-esque style are absolutely stand out!

Dion Lee Fall/Winter 2014 Womenswear
New York Fashion Week 

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