Monday, February 10, 2014

Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014 Womenswear

Winter Survivors
Apparently, the genius Alexander Wang captures what people worried about climate change, like the extreme temperature in both north and south side of this planet. Wang present his show in an eco-friendly building, and deliver a collection for surviving in this extreme climate-change era without losing sense of fashion and style. 
Wang with his genius aesthetics, match multi-pocket warm boxy-urban numbers with equestrian knee-high boots, then he adds a fine tailoring shorts into a chic ensemble without losing its urban signature. You will love the chunky waffle sweaters, its texture and color are to die for. Electric green, shocking pink and clear bright blue are match with the cold gray shades. 
You will also love the twist on hems, it's look like shredded or torn, creating unfinish hems but beautiful. 
For the final, Wang give multi-perforated numbers. Some real high-tech with classic aesthetics.
Alexander Wang Fall/Winter 2014 Womenswear
New York Fashion Week 

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