Friday, January 18, 2013

John Galliano Ready To Comeback In Fashion

After the 2011 anti-Semitic scandal in Paris, following with the most exhausted drama in fashion industry, John Galliano, former Dior's ceartive director, ready to make his comeback in fashion. Like and wrote in their article, Galliano will work temporary in Oscar de la Renta studio.

Sure, Galliano with his specific talent has his own fans, and we should agree that everybody should get the second chance. What's on almost everybody's mind is what kind of collaboration it will be. As all of you know, de la Renta signature is an uptown girls look with the feminine and sophistication, and Galliano always known as her dramatic glamor, what an interest combination.

Read again about the Galliano anti-Semitic scandal and his dismissal from Dior here, here and also here.

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