Friday, December 28, 2012

Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Beau Male" Fragrance

The new fragrance from Jean Paul Gaultier called "Le Beau Male" ready for the next spring. like Gaultier said, ''This is the scent of freshness which makes men hot", Le Beau Male is the perfect combination of fresh, sexy and powerful, perfect for every high confidence gentleman.
The fragrance start with a nice composition of mint and absinthe to create a light and cooler top notes. Continued by the calm lavender and playful orange blossom and sage, and ended with sensual musk as the base notes.
Taping Kaylan Morgan as the face, the perfume advertisement is accurately describe the contradiction of hot sexiness by naked and tattoo with the freshness of the ice and polar bear.
The new fragrance packed in body shaped bottle with Gaultier's signature stripes.

Jean Paul Gaultier "Le Beau Male" Fragrance


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