Thursday, March 3, 2011

CATCH YOU : MYMagz February Fashion Spread

Inget posting gw tentang Korean Fever photo shoot untuk MYMagz February issue? 
Nah akhirnya majalah nya terbit juga. Silahkan ambil di pick up point terdekat. 
And there are some pictures from the fashion spread! 


Stylist : Juris Bramantyo @juris_the_great
Photographer : Vira Citra @viracitra
Ast Stylist : Luciana Dita @LunaDee_
Model : Aline and Felix 
Make Up Artist : Deasy Caroline 
Wardrobe : 
for Felix: Ego, 7Soul
for Aline: Santi's Shop, Day or Night, 7Soul, Jolie Accessories

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