Thursday, March 20, 2014

Remembering L'Wren Scott Journey in Fashion

March 17th 2014, the shocking news came the world. One of talented designer commit suicide. She was found in her apartment, hung in scarf and tie. Lately, we know that L'Wren Scott suffer by her hard situation in fashion bussiness. She left with lot of debt.
It's disturbing when we saw lot of headline about Scott death, they mark Scott's death with "Rolling Stone vocalist's girlfriend found dead". The world should know, that L'Wren Scott was not only Mick Jagger girlfriend, she was a talented fashion designer with remarkable collection.
Her design were always have a feminine line, with body hugging silhouette. Her color palette were always bold and sexy. She knew how to make a success with women bodies. 
My post isn't obituary, I summed up her carrier in runway, since 2007. I choose 2 my favorite looks each season.

L'Wren Scott Journey in Fashion 

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  1. long time no see sir, haha. did you go to IFW2014?

    anw, almost of her collection have a bold color, but i think the number four from your post almost soft, arent they?



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