Sunday, April 14, 2013

Mel Ahyar Couture - Bazaar Bridal Week 2013

The Missing Puzzle. 
Just like finding a perfect soul mate in your life, finding a perfect wedding dress is pretty tricky. Every girls do the experimental journey in order to find this "missing puzzle" to become a woman.  A perfect wedding dress is one-in-a-lifetime piece to be found.
Mel Ahyar, young talented Indonesian designer, known as the best couture touch in her generation, presented "The Missing Puzzle" at Bazaar Wedding Week 2013, Ritz Carlton, Jakarta.
The 3D floral aplique, embroidered tulle, buddy hugging silhouette and mermaids hems create a pretty ensemble alongside silver metal in natural nude hues gown. Everything are sexy, glamor and elegant without being too balls and old. Mel Ahyar realize that every women has her own unique DNA, that's why she create some option for every personality.
We adore the headpiece, Mel Ahyar create a huge flower headpiece and divide into two pieces. Some models wear the outer piece, others wears the center part. Everything are just perfrect with Tote shoes and PAC makeup & hair do.

Mel Ahyar Couture - Bazaar Bridal Week 2013 

photos by: Jill Hendrawan

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