Sunday, February 3, 2013

Ready for Indonesia Fashion Week 2013

Indonesia Fashion Week maybe the sophomore fashion event, but this year in the second time, it's also create the biggest movement in Indonesian fashion industry. The event will be held on 14 - 17 February 2013 in Jakarta Convention Center. The good news come this year when Indonesia Fashion Week successfully registered and officially join in World Fashion Week (head office in New York, USA) and International Fashion Week (head office in Brisbane, Australia).
You can imagine, Indonesia Fashion Week will have a good same standard with another famous and established fashion week in the other fashion capital, like Milan, Paris or New York.

When you come to Indonesia Fashion Week 2013, there wont be the fashion show to see, but also the huge exhibition and bazaar, the competition and fashion contest, the seminars and workshops, talk shows and also be the big part of Indonesian fashion society gathering.

The fashion show will be divided in 4 major theme in 4 days.
Day 1 - Avany Garde, Cocktail and Party
Day 2 - Muslim wears
Day 3 - Men and Contemporary Urban design
Day 4 - Casual Cutting Edge.

On each day of fashion show, there will be a Prime Show from internationally acclaimed Indonesia fashion designer, Semi Prime from youth and talented Indonesian fashion designer, Show Tunggal, Non-Stop Runways which is non stop parade from 30 designers. The fashion shows will ready to satisfy every fashion conscious people with 4 days shows in big halls, with total more than 22 hours show and participation of 208 designers with almost 2500 outfits.

The exhibition and bazaar is a giant melting point of Indonesian fashion industry, designers and creatives with huge number of markets. At least 585 brands will take part in 9 zones, from cloths, fabrics, accessories and anything.

Indonesia Fashion Week also bridging the relationship with good link and match between the creative ideas from talented fashion person to the the fashion industry with support of government. This is in accordance to pump-up Indonesian fashion with good local content in global packaging.

One of the best part, this year they have the Green Point to promote the environmentally friendly product. As we know, the green style is in every part of this planet.

So, you have to ready for this biggest fashion movement.

Indonesian fashion is one step closer to the center of international fashion stage. 

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