Saturday, August 11, 2012

Anna Piaggi, An Obituary

Anna Piaggi an eccentric fashion journalist, died at age 81 in Milan on 7 August 2012.
Born in Milanin 1931, she met the photographer Alfa Castaldi, whom she married in 1962. Castaldi are the man who encouraged her to work in fashion.
Before working in fashion field, Piaggi was a translator in Mondadori, she has an excellent language skill by her strict education. 
Working for Vogue Italia, Piaggi are well know for her doppie pagine (double page), she also wrote for Italian avant-garde fashion magazine Vanity and gave a big influence in changing the face of fashion publication.
Piaggi also published some book with her fashion-mates Karl Lagerfeld, Manolo Blahnik and Anna Wintour.
In 2006, Piaggi held an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, called "Fashion-ology" and displayed more than 2,865 dresses and 265 pairs of shoes.
Anna Piaggi's personal styles were alway eccentric, quirky, over-dressed, with a fancy unique hat and stick in her hand. British milliner, Stephen Jones were her favorite and also her close friend.

Anna Piaggi and Franca Sozzani in front row Yves Saint Laurent Fall 2010

Anna Piagi with her favorite British designer, Vivienne Westwood

"Fashion-ology" Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London

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  1. Anna Piaggi's death has saddened us all. She was really an amazing person. Someone should make her a memorial page on Evertalk.

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