Friday, April 20, 2012

Giorgio Armani Designed Lady Gaga Costume

Lady Gaga have a great collaboration with Giorgio Armani for the next Born This Way Ball Asian Tour. Armani designing at least four costumes for Gaga.
The first costume is a black bodice with tubular PVC piece and black tigh-high boots. The look is perfect with 'alien" head piece.
The second costume, is crazy fringed bodice with crystal and studded accent. The look complete with tigh-high black embroidered boots with studded accent. It's perfect architectural ensemble.
The third costume is the best and have the most quirky way. Gaga will be surrounded with piano tuts, violins on her arms, and guitar on her body. The instrument arrange in cubist way.
The fourth costume, the one which the most suitable for slow songs performance. It's long cocoon tunic in skin color. The blue triangles are the center point of decoration.

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