Tuesday, October 12, 2010

MAGAZINE !!! Fabulous Gift from Faboulous Friend from Fabulous Country

Absolutely, I am a magazine reader, fashion magazine reader. 
I always try to get any different magazine from another country. Though sometimes I can't read it at all because of the foreign language and foreign letters. Enjoying and appreciate the fashion spread, the portofolio and the editorial are exciting. 
Many many thanks to Dea @DeschaVyana who brought me 7 magazines from Amsterdam, Paris and Frankfurt.
And also for Metta @chocoluv312 from Amsterdam

 from Amsterdam, the beautiful yet urban L'officiel and superb Men's Magazine JFK with Leonardo DiCaprio on cover

Flair, Fashion Tale Autumn, Muteen, La Mode C'est Vous
InStyle, Glamour, Biba

Fashion Tale Autumn is my fave, it's not like a magazine at all, just like portofolio compilation from designer in colaboration with photographers

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