Monday, December 7, 2009


LITTLE BLACK DRESS : anytime anywhere, little black dress is always hit! you can choose the simple one, or drapery accent, one shoulder, or structural / origami style. wear it with simply black heels or colored shoes which is match with the clutch. then add a simply accessories. you can wave your hair or chignon it up. Viola ! sexy godess has come !

FUTURISTIC TRACK : Silver color is always take a futuristic look. wear a simply dress with structure and shiny accent with geometrical shoes or sculptural heels. orange is match color on it. for accessories, choose the big size metal material, shiny but not so bling bling.

CHEONGSAM : Ki Pao ! chinese dress with extra sexy aura. wear it with simple accessories, jade naterial or beads is recomended. wear it with simple heels or girly open sandals. bring clutch in your hand or chaind hand bag. for extra elegance look, add a furry crop coat.

PATTERN-OLOGY : play with simple cut dresses but rich in patter, for u who love batik, you can wear your simple batik dress. match it with heels, chignon your hair and give some feather or ethnic accessories and handbag or clutch.

WILD LOOK, animal print and boot is always playful for tough image yet strong yet beautiful. wear big size accessories and finishing touch with glasses

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